Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Personal Touch

Technology creates efficiency, streamlines operations, and makes our jobs easier. However there can be a draw back to all this digital communication. We often lose the interpersonal communication that drives a deeper understanding of others. Consciously utilizing a more personal approach can build better relationships with your coworkers and business partners. 

Why are stronger relationships important?  Businesses need coworkers and partners to work closely together to succeed. We all inevitability need a favor or extra effort to make goals reality.  Tapping our strong relationships, we can pull off these magical business feats and both savor the success!

Here are some easy ways to add the personal touch to your communication.

Handwritten Notes
Written notes are memorable.  Did you get help on securing that new buying contract? Did a coworker work overtime to finish up that demanded report? Pop a handwritten thank you note in the mail or place it on their desk. You will be amazed how much people appreciate the small gesture and it takes mere moments to do.

Phone Call
Instead of sending your 100th email today, why not pick up the phone and have a conversation with your business partner. Pepper the call with personal questions about their family, holiday plans, or their weekend.  A call might take more time than firing off an email, but can have a lasting impact on your relationship. Strategically target a few a day with your key partners or with coworkers. Much more might be accomplished in a quick call and you are building rapport.

Instead of the same blah-blah message, make yours more memorable.  Change it up each day or each week. Match your personality such as a quote of the day, or the latest sports score, or what the weather is like where you are at.  Keep it short but a bit difference than the rest.  You might find people are disappointed to get you on the phone because they are dying to know what you said on your message!  This is all about adding your personality to your work.

Think of ways you can be memorable and take a more personal approach to your communication. Building stronger relationships will help you succeed - and have a bit more fun along the way!

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