Monday, July 30, 2012

What's Your Bag?

If you are an independent medical facility, you want every advantage possible to grow your business. The right packaging can be another tool in your arsenal to provide a professional image, increase efficiency and assist with patient safety.

Personalization Power
Look the part by adding your logo to your packaging. Personalization builds your image as reputable a business.  Coordinating your business cards, letterhead, staff apparel, and bags provide a consistent marketing message across all items that come in contact with your patient. This builds confidence and trust that you are strong, established business who can meet their needs.

Depending your business you might be moving medical equipment, braces, orthopedics, or other items out the door. Package your retail items in the right bag and personalize it with your logo to create a walking billboard. Your bag travels with your patient continually advertising your business. In fact, many bags are reused by customers for lunch bag or as a tote bag to the grocery store. Your business is going places your marketing collateral never would.

Accreditation Packaging Supplies
Accreditation packaging supplies are created to not only  help you meet certification requirements but improve work flow and patient safety.  Equipment covers and tags to indicate clean, dirty, repairs, or returns. These items help streamline your operations by quickly alerting staff of the equipment needs. The assisting with your staff following accreditation requirements for not only their safety but also your patients.

The Right Bag for the Job
Packaging helps you do your job better. If you are delivery temperature sensitive TPN units or diabetic meds, foil pouches and chill packs allow you to safely supply your patients with their needs. Color coded or printed specimen bags alert staff instantly of specimen needs. Prescription bags allow you to staple important medication information and have the patient get their meds out the door.

Bags can be a forgotten supply item but they are a universal tool to improve your business. How are bags helping your business today?