Friday, June 28, 2013

Stay Motivated

All of us experience times where we want to hit the snooze button and go back to bed. We get burnt out and lose our fire.  Here's how to get your passion back and get busy being awesome!

Attitude of Gratitude
Take a few moments as you start each day to reflect on the wonderful things in your life - your health, your family, friends, having a job or a home.  So many are less fortunate. Counting our blessings can inspire us to do more.  Write down 5 things you're grateful for. Stick this note on your bathroom mirror or on your computer at work.  When the days starts becoming stressful, glance at your blessings. This helps puts things in perspective and re-energizes our motivation.

Continuing Education
Never stop learning.  Growing your skills, whether in professional pursuits or personal interests, challenges your mind in new ways and drives inspiration in all aspects of your life.  If there are new areas in your career you want to tackle, research free or low cost classes in your community or online.  Sign up for that photography class in your community or go to that yoga class with your friend. You can meet new people, learn something new, and potentially enhance your career.

Look back on pass accomplishments. You earned those successes with hard work and determination. Remember the passion, the sweat, and drive that got you there. Use those memories to motivate you over the next hurdle on your current goal.

Challenge Yourself
It is easy to get stuck in routine that provides comfort and a sense of security, however challenging your mind in new ways keeps you fresh.  Create a goal that you want to achieve at work (increase sales, decrease costs, improve efficiency etc...). Give yourself a window of time to brainstorm 3 possible solutions.  Bounce ideas of your networking pals or coworkers. Develop a improvement tactic and put it in motion. Evaluate results. Then set the next bar you want to reach. Setting challenging goals provides a target to aim at and drives our focus.

Motivated yet?  It takes work to be your awesome self so get out there and make it happen!