Thursday, August 29, 2013

Supply Chain Success

Maximizing success is top of mind for most supply chain managers. Ideas on how to-do something more efficient or reduce costs constantly bombarding our days.  Supply Chain excellence is never something one can check off the list as done, however there are some tips to keep continuously improving! 

Build Relationships
In today’s digital world we get lost in a sea of emails and voice mails, but if we are honest with ourselves it all driven by people.  Get outside the email and meet them in person. Take time out to build relationships with your partners by having a quick cup of coffee or grab lunch.  We all need to call in favors at one time or another. Having personal relationships goes a long way in finding the magic answer in a time of need. Also networking will provide you with access to new resources and ideas that will improve your performance.

Get Dirty
Step away from the computer and get to know your team.  The front lines can be a wealth of information that can help you do your job better.  Are there things happened day to day that you can make a simple change to save time or avoid errors? Seeing aspects of your objectives through the eyes of others allows you to see things different and drive new solutions.

Cross Functional Projects
Partner with other departments on projects.  Connecting with others in the organization will allow you to see things from their perspective and expeience their department culture. This will improve our inter-department communication ultimiately driving better results, improved efficiency, and an overall better working experience for all parties.

Time Zone Management
This is an easily forgotten piece to planning success. By managing time zones with your work load and meeting vendors on their best targeted times will maximize your deliverables and make the most of your work day. We all keep getting busier so make the most of every moment.

 Have more tips for driving supply chain success?  Please share your comments below.