Saturday, April 26, 2014

Increase Your Productivity

Have a Plan
On Sunday evening take a moment to define the week.  Craft of a vision of how the week will unfold.  Define items you need to accomplish and set reminders for things like doctor appointments, recitals, or when your big report is due. Little things such as setting out your clothes or making the kids' lunches the evening before will  avoid the morning rush to make the day to flow more smoothly.  

Make a List
To-do lists help organize what you need to do but they need to be realistic.  Having a list of 50 things and only 2 hours to complete the list isn’t going to happen.  Assign time to each task such as 15 minutes or an hour.  This helps evaluate the time needed for each task. Prioritize your list by most important. Now you know what you need to do by when and the time needed for each item.

Block out Time
Life has a way of interrupting when you are trying to get work done. A phone call, the urgent email, or the coworker who needs immediate help inevitably impedes progress. To combat this block off time in your day to tackle specific items. Close your door, turn off the email, put your phone on do not disturb.  You will accomplish much more if you focus solely on a dedicated task.

Avoid digital distractions
We love to see the latest tweets, facebook updates, or read emails immediately but we can get in the habit of always being connected. This leads to a feeling of constant multitasking. Turn off email alerts and check messages every 30 or 60 minutes. You can fully engaged on the project at hand. Another tip is to consolidate all your different emails accounts into one by automated forwards. Then you aren’t having to check various accounts so often.

Have a Life
Create blocks of time to focus on having fun with your family or friends.  Schedule an evening out or enjoy some of your hobbies .You need to make time to decompress. This helps clear your mind providing the ability to focus more intensely when you need to.

You can increase your productivity and actually have more free time just by making small changes to how you approach each day.  Have other productivity tips to share?  Please comment below and let’s get more stuff done together!