Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Going Green can Save Money!

These day all businesses are trying to stretch every dollar, but did you know that going green can save you money? Many people associate higher price tags when think about about going green, but there are many small ways to be more earth friendly and reduce your costs!

Turn it off
Create a kill-the-vampire campaign in your location. Encourage employees to turn off lights, computers, and office equipment (anything that sucks energy) when they leave for the day. Install power timers that automatically cut the power to things like copiers and printers at a certain time of the day. Turn down the thermostat during non business hours.

Save the Gas
Many of your healthcare businesses offer home delivery or home services. These big vehicles use a lot of gas. Maximize your fuel by using eco-driving tips. Drive smoothly at a low RPM in the highest possible gear. Anticipate traffic to avoid continually breaking and revving. Keep tires properly inflated for maximum MPGs.

Eco Replacements
Eventually equipment fails and needs replacement. Invest in more energy efficient options such as energy star rated appliances or hybrid delivery vans. The initial investment might be more but these replacements will pay for themselves quicker with the energy savings you will gain.

Recyclable Packaging
Use recycled paper shopping bags and set up a bag recycling area in your store. Tout your green efforts with an in store green policy. Share in company newsletters and at local industry events.

Small savings add up quickly! What is your business doing to be more green? Please share your tips below!

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