Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cause Related Marketing – Show You Care

Are your marketing efforts not driving desired results? Is your healthcare business looking to gain new patients or customers? I have the answer to liven up your business and build brand image – Cause Related Marketing!

Cause related marketing is where you tie promotion efforts to a charity or cause. Causes could range from a special charity Breast Cancer Research, Heart Health Awareness, or activities such as a fundraiser or community event. Cause-related marketing can be a powerful tool for you connect with customers and your community. Your participation will generate goodwill, improve your visibility, increase customer loyalty, enhance your brand image, provide positive media attention, and increase your business! Customers would rather do business with a company that stands for something beyond profits.

Tips for Successful Cause-Related Marketing Campaigns:

Align with your business
Choose a cause that makes sense for your business. Many in the medical industry are choosing to support breast cancer research, heart health awareness, various races for the cures to diseases, COPD, and fitness and wellness programs. Your cause should be something meaningful your business type in order to resonate with your clients and community.

Passion = Success
Pick an event, cause, or charity you are passionate about. You need to be revved up about your cause. Your energy will inspire your internal team and customers. It also enhances the credibility of your efforts because you and your efforts are coming from the heart - sincerity counts!

The How To
Create your own campaign. Offer promotional items (such as awareness bands) as a gift with purchase or present as a token of appreciate for a customer's donation to your cause. Partner with local charities or unite with various national organizations. Many groups offer free marketing materials and kits to get you started. Hold special events or education classes and give away awareness related goodie bags full of educational info and how your business is championing the cause.

Still don’t know where to begin? Let us help. Check out our wide variety of our pink ribbon (breast cancer awareness) and red dress (heart health awareness) items. Click here to see our latest products - ideal for October Breast Cancer Awareness month. Have other successful cause marketing tips? Please share below!

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