Thursday, May 26, 2011

Won't you be my Neighbor?

These days we can become laser focus on day to day operations of our business. Taking care of staff issues, reordering the latest product that sold out, or chit-chatting with your customers. Sometimes it is good to take a step back and start planning more strategic ways to build your brand and grow your business. One option is to start looking outside your front door. Sharing public relations efforts with neighbors, participating in local events, and become more involved in your community can be a business booster. Here are some quick tips to look beyond the day to day and knock on your neighbors door!

Next Door Neighbor
Whether there is a coffee shop or travel agency that is your next door neighbor, stop in and say hi! It is a great way to partner and co-hosted event. An example is she could provide the coffee and you could product demonstrations of the latest lift or power chair. Offer some appetizers and maybe a free-trial offer of one of your popular products. Brainstorm on ways you can co-promote both businesses and bring more traffic through both your doors.

Local Cross-Promotion
Networking with similar industry businesses can also allow cross promotion opportunities. An example is independent pharmacy who is a few blocks over. You both could partner by doing an free pain-management or preventative care seminar. This can showcase both of your products. Offer a discount or a free product for all attendees at both locations. This is a great way to attract new clients who are interested in healthcare and build your business.

Community Events
From charity walks, book drives, and block parties there is always an event cooking that you can offer help for easy PR. If there is a awareness walk, have your staff form a team. Talk it up in your business with pictures and a box for donations. Be sure to take some pictures and submit press releases to your local media outlets. Aligning your business to community events will create goodwill and get your name out there.

Movers & Shakers
Did you know that 80% of new movers shay they are willing to try new merchants? A great tactic is to welcome new residents with a special offer. Your business could do a postcard or letter saying "Moving can be a Pain! Take a load off with our new lift chairs...". Introducing your business with a friendly welcome will grow your business and build your brand. There are many companies that offer access to new resident info include age demographics and will even help you mail. (Try

Thinking and acting locally can help your business grow. Take up the challenge and go say "Hello" to your neighbors today!

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