Monday, January 31, 2011

Add Value and Increase Sales!

In these economic times, customers are looking for more for less. Many have cut back on many items, even quite possibly their healthcare. By adding extra value with your products and services you can grow your revenue and give your patients more bang for their buck. Here are some easy ways you can add value to increase your sales.

Free Trial and Super Size
Never under estimate the word free. Clients love free samples or at home free trials! Offer samples of your latest pain relief cream. It will encourage more retail sales and they just might love that sample they tried. If you are carry a new line of lift chairs or braces, allow customers to try it at home for free for 30 days. Once the can't live without it, you ring up the sale. Another idea is to group products together to increase the perceived value of getting more for less. Examples could be a new wheelchair comes with a free wheelchair tote bag, a comfort pillow, and maintenance plan.

Your retail areas should be easy to navigate with organized shelves, signage directing clients to their areas of interest. Take a tip from department stores and add a magic table. These are draped round tables that highlight a product or promotion. Allow customers to experience your products before the buy. Customers will be more inclined to purchase if they know what they are getting.

Tie your services and products to a charity or other socially responsible effort. Align with a cause that reflects your business and customers, such as breast cancer awareness, going green, sleep apnea, or lung cancer. Choose to donate a portion of service and product sales. Customers will feel better purchasing more if they are helping others. Your business benefits by increasing sales, creating goodwill, and increase PR opportunities.

Details Matter
Don’t forget the devil is in the details. Make sure your location is clean, warm, and inviting. Call customers by name and pay attention to their individual needs. Not all customers are alike and the cookie cutter approach to customer service does not work. Be sure to listen to the patients' needs and tailor your response to best serve them. Do weekly follow up calls for any in-service home appointments or deliveries. Not only does this provide customer feedback, but it builds a stronger relationship.

Adding more value in your offering will make customers feel their business is appreciated and builds loyalty. Share your tips below on how you have added valued to your offering and increased your sales. Small steps can have a big impact!

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